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Dilek Tasi English Subtitles

Also known as Wishing Stone, Mustafa is a man in his mid thirties attempting to get by in the ghetto neighborhood of Istanbul with his better half, Canan, and girl, Cemre. His better half, Canan, is in the grasp of a persistent sickness. She critically needs a medical procedure for her recuperation. Turkish series Dilek Tasi English Subtitles.

Mustafa doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to track down the cash. The industrial facility where he works has been shut for quite a while because of the lockout. Yet, Mustafa needs to find the cash for the activity some way or another. Until that day, Mustafa had never knelt before anybody and lived for his honor and nobility. However, presently he must choose the option to request help. He embarks to track down Yakup Bey, the manufacturing plant proprietor where he works, and requests his compensations that poor person been paid for quite a long time. He will take the cash and have his better half worked on. Notwithstanding, what happens that day will drastically change the entire existence of Mustafa and his girl Cemre. Turkish series Dilek Tasi English Subtitles.