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Al Sancak English Subtitles

Season 1

Claw Team Commander, Captain Ali Banazlı, is summoned by an urgent intelligence report. A mysterious informant, known as the “White Angel,” delivers critical information: a high-stakes meeting is set to take place on a distant island, uniting a vast network funneling arms and funding to terrorist organizations. This operation presents not only a chance to neutralize a grave national security threat to Turkey but also brings the team closer to avenging the recent loss of Captain Atilla, who fell in the line of duty.

Amidst the perilous operation, the Claw Team faces a daunting revelation—opposition far more formidable and numerous than anticipated. The unfolding mission is set against a backdrop of intense struggle and dire circumstances. Within this challenging context, Captain Ali’s path intersects with Nadia, a mysterious arms dealer whose presence ignites intrigue.

Unexpectedly, Nadia, presumed dead after an earlier operation, reappears in Captain Ali’s garage. She extends an offer: her assistance in rooting out Atilla’s killers, provided she is granted the chance to collaborate with the Turkish State. Ali must weigh his options—trust the enigmatic Nadia or remain wary?

Meanwhile, Turkey confronts an imminent terrorist threat. An octopus-like entity led by Mithat plans to unleash havoc by targeting the Turkish Stream Pipeline with a chemical-laden missile. Equipped with intelligence gleaned from the island operation, Captain Ali and the Claw Team mobilize to thwart the octopus’s nefarious plot. Süleyman, a member of the team, sustains serious injuries during the mission, leading to an uncertain fate.

The narrative unfolds with suspense as Ali and his team strive to capture a key figure within the octopus organization. Amidst these escalating tensions, Ali collaborates with Nadia to locate the dangerous missile and counter the looming disaster. The stakes intensify as the threat grows more imminent.

Intrigue and action intertwine as Captain Ali and the Claw Team venture into the depths of danger, propelled by a quest for justice and the preservation of security. The journey to defuse the missile threat and unravel the octopus’s plans unfolds step by step, carrying the fate of many in its balance.