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Hayat Bugun English Subtitles

Chief Physician Barış Güvener (Ulaş Tuna Astepe) is appointed at Hisarönü Hospital, one of the oldest and most prestigious hospitals in Istanbul. However, Hisarönü, one of the best hospitals of its time, is going through difficult times. With the arrival of the young and idealistic chief physician, the history of the entire hospital begins to be rewritten. Bedroom; Trying to get the hospital back on its feet; He must face the difficulties of his own life and fight a difficult battle for his patients together with his colleagues, whose hearts he will gradually win. Hayat Bugun English Subtitles

impossible loves, precious friendships and touching life stories pass through Hisarönü Hospital. Peace will make us believe again in the power of love, hope and sacrifice and open the doors of the hospital to all residents of Istanbul. Hayat Bugun English Subtitles