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Türkan finds herself in a complex situation where her love for Somer continues to burn, while at the same time, she desires to start anew with Kartal. Somer, on the other hand, is unable to bear the thought of Kartal being with Türkan. Meanwhile, Rüçhan firmly states that he won’t allow his grandson to call anyone other than Somer his father. In this tangled web of emotions and loyalties, Türkan faces a difficult choice.

Türkan, Dön, and Derya are three sisters deeply bonded to each other, each known for distinct qualities. Despite dreaming of a simple life like their peers, their past shadows persistently haunt them, and fate doesn’t seem to be on their side. Their happy family life with their parents takes a sharp turn when Türkan’s marriage sets off a chain of events that shatters their world.

Türkan struggles to conceal her unhappiness in the metaphorical castle where she feels trapped. Dön’s life is thrown into disarray by a long-buried family secret, and Derya embarks on an irreversible path. Sadık and Nesrin, their parents, navigate the treacherous waters of trying to save their daughter from the brink of disaster, sometimes losing themselves and sometimes each other in the process.