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Cocuk English Subtitles

This is a tale that delves into the complex realm of motherhood, putting four women to the ultimate test, while their children too will find themselves navigating the challenges of their mothers’ choices.

Akça, the daughter of a woman with a troubled past, makes the heart-wrenching decision to relinquish motherhood to offer her own child a brighter future. In a twist of fate, Şule, wed to a wealthy family, pledges to care for Akça’s baby, Efe, as her very own. She showers Efe with love and care, raising him as her cherished child. However, when Şule gives birth to her biological child, dynamics shift. Meanwhile, the family’s matriarch, Asiye, carries a monumental secret that could shatter their world.

Little does Akça know that the moment she steps into this opulent mansion, leaving may never be an option. Her life takes a drastic turn when she learns of Efe’s safety being compromised in the place she entrusted him to. Asiye, fearing that Akça might tear her family apart, does everything in her power to oust her. Yet, Şule’s impulsive actions thwart Akça’s departure, and the true danger lurking in the shadows remains concealed.

Ali Kemal’s unwavering protection of Akça ignites a fire within Hasan, driving him to the brink of desperation. A war brews, pitting women who have chosen to guard their secrets against men who are willing to join the fray. Hasan, ready to dismantle everything for the sake of his beloved, clashes with Ali Kemal, determined to shield his family and Akça. This clash sets the stage for an irreversible showdown.