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Bambaska Biri English Subtitles

Season 1

“The Forest Intersection” is a story revolved around the ruthless homicide of Hamdi Atılbay, which fills in as the defining moment for Leyla, a decided examiner looking for a new beginning, and Kenan, an aggressive writer reconsidering his life. Their personal truths are shattered as they deal with the murder investigation, which prompts a moving love story while challenging their beliefs. This story delves into self-discovery in the midst of mystery and examines how unforeseen occurrences can alter lives and priorities.

Examiner Leyla Gediz, who has quite recently gotten back to Istanbul, is ignorant that the case she required right from the start and the man she met that very day will completely change her. In a case that shocked Turkey as a whole, Leyla takes the lead. Kenan ztürk, Turkey’s most popular newscaster, is the son of Chief Prosecutor Turan, Leyla’s parent, and he has a keen interest in the same case. Kenan and Leyla, whose fates continually converge, should oppose the fascination among them and walk together on the way of examination. However, they are unaware of the murderer’s proximity to them.