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Sahane Damat English Subtitles

Melike is a girl who tells some little lies to convince her expatriate family that she can live honorably on her own in Istanbul. Her family in Germany currently believes that Melike is an award-winning journalist, lives in a wonderful house, and will soon marry her doctor fiancée.

In reality, Melike is a clumsy girl trying to live on the edge of starvation in the wild forest called Istanbul, and she could only get close to her dreams of journalism by writing a horoscope comment for a tabloid newspaper. The worst part is that socialite plastic surgeon Mehmet Çırağan, who lied to his family that they were wearing a ring, is not engaged to Melike, but to his boss! One day, Melike manages to catch the news of her dreams.

The scandal she learns will shake the country! However, that scandal also touches Mehmet in a very bad way. Of course, neither Melike nor Mehmet yet know that their story, which started with lies and blackmail, will lead them to a love that will clear up all their lies.