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Bana Sevmeyi Anlat English Subtitles

Leyla and her baby took shelter in her father Salih’s house. Salih’s wife Ayla lives in difficult conditions with her children Hakverdi and Simge. Life becomes increasingly difficult for Leyla, who cannot make peace with Ayla and Simge. Haşmet, one of Turkey’s respected businessmen, is also Salih’s boss. During a business visit, he falls in love with Leyla at first sight and proposes marriage.

For Leyla, who is unaware of Haşmet’s secret world and respects Haşmet, the meaning of this offer is a safe future for her baby rather than love. Alper, who lives in Istanbul, is a very successful restaurant manager. The traffic accident that his older brother Cihan and his wife Berna had together was the breaking point for Alper.

While Alper is struggling to build a new life with his little daughter and two nephews, he takes over Haşmet’s restaurant. Nothing will ever be the same again for Alper and Leyla, whose paths unexpectedly cross at Haşmet and Leyla’s wedding.