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Darisi Basimiza English Subtitles

Zerrin (Devrim Yakut), a devoted mother who devoted her life to her children, only expects from life to see her children build happy homes. But what is possible! Her elder daughter Rüya (Açelya Topaloğlu) is in platonic love with a former actress, and has never been seen to look up at the suitors around her.

His younger son Serkan (Burak Can) is his mother’s boy and it is obvious that he will not leave home easily. The middle daughter Öykü (Elif Doğan) is abroad, busy with her job and career.

Shaken by Ozan’s harsh words, Öykü finds herself speeding up the engagement with Cem out of spite. On the other hand, Rüya, who learns that the man her brother met in Izmir is Ozan, takes action to protect Öykü. However, Rüya’s first attempt at protection will result in a minor accident.

Zerrin, who has to tolerate Canan for her daughter’s happiness, loses her patience when Canan steals her father’s heirloom story once again. However, Zerrin is unaware that Canan has a bigger trump card.

When Cem sprains his foot, the Tekinsoy mansion becomes active once again. While the tension between Öykü and Ozan is increasing, Cem is looking for entertainment in his sick bed. Now everyone is stuck in a corner.

Meanwhile, Öykü and Ozan, who constantly try to escape from each other, are forced to come together at every opportunity. Unable to stand it any longer, Ozan decides to confess everything to Cem. Learning this, Rüya takes Merter and Öykü and goes after Ozan.
Will Öykü, who is afraid that everyone will fall apart, be able to stop Ozan?