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Kizilcik Serbeti English Subtitles

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Ömer and Kıvılcım’s lives take a devastating turn when they are involved in a major traffic accident. The aftermath of this accident, coupled with the unexpected birth of their child Doğa and the tragic loss of another child during birth, sets in motion a series of irreversible consequences for both families.

Doğa holds Fatih responsible for the loss of one of their babies, and the Ünal family staunchly supports their son in this matter. As Doğa’s life starts to unravel, Kıvılcım becomes focused on her daughter’s well-being, putting her own problems aside. Tensions between Fatih and Mustafa continue to escalate, much to Pembe’s dismay. Abdullah and Pembe, desperate to remain connected to their grandchildren, attempt to mediate the situation, but Doğa remains unmoved.

In the midst of these conflicts, the finale brings a shocking surprise for Ömer, who appears to have narrowly survived the accident.

Kıvılcım, a highly educated, practical, and modern woman, has managed to raise her two daughters following her divorce and instilling them with the values she holds dear. Her younger daughter, Çimen, is still in high school, while her elder daughter, Doğa, is studying dentistry at university. Kıvılcım’s greatest wish is to see her children lead successful and happy lives. However, her world is turned upside down when Doğa marries her boyfriend during her first year of university, and Kıvılcım discovers that her daughter’s husband comes from a conservative family with vastly different views on life. While Kıvılcım worries that her daughter won’t be able to coexist with a family that holds such different values, Doğa is convinced that their love can overcome any differences. “Cranberry Sherbet” is a tale of love that unfolds between two families with contrasting approaches to life but shared truths.