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Cocukluk English Subtitles

Little 8-year-old Zeynep, a victim of domestic violence, is taken to Ali Kaan Umut Evi, run by Mahir Boztepe. The little girl, who was separated from her mother for the first time, had innocent dreams that her mother would come and pick her up a few days later, but she is not yet aware that the reality is so bitter that it will shatter her little heart. Cocukluk English Subtitles

He never liked the manager of Umut House and hated his roommate Mavi from the first moment. Realizing that the House of Hope, from which she tried to escape, is the only protector of her life and that Mavi, with whom she constantly fights, is more fatalistic than her brother, little Zeynep has to face the cruelty of the family. real world. Cocukluk English Subtitles