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Ates Kuslari English Subtitles

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Ates Kuslari (English: Firebirds) is a Turkish drama television series.

The story rotates around Bahar, a young lady who fantasies about turning into a fireman. Despite the fact that she faces numerous obstacles, including sexism and discrimination, she is determined to fulfill her dream.

Bahar is the only woman in her class, but she is accepted into the fire academy. Her male classmates consistently undervalue her, but she is determined to disprove them.

Bahar also encounters difficulties at home. Her dad is against her turning into a fireman, and he attempts to beat her down. Nonetheless, not set in stone to follow her fantasy.

Bahar eventually earns a degree from the fire academy and enters the fire service. She is determined to succeed in her new position, despite the numerous obstacles she faces.