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Also Called as “Kingfisher” and set to take the directorial helm is Burcu Alptekin, who will oversee the upcoming series. Brought to life under the OGM Pictures banner, the latest creation, titled “Yalı Çapkını,” is poised to unveil a tale already steeped in familiarity. Anchored in Gaziantep, the narrative weaves the enchanting narrative of an affluent and charming young man, entwined in a romance with a local maiden.

At the core of the TV series “Yalı Çapkını” lies the captivating chronicle of a family. This saga revolves around the intricate tapestry of events sparked by the union of an influential Antep family’s prodigal sons. The series delves into the tale of a young woman, hailing from a significant tribe in Antep, who ventures to Istanbul after falling in love with a man not favored by her lineage. As love and destiny intertwine, the story unfurls not only a passionate romance but also a life narrative teetering on the brink of conflict.

Fans of the beloved “Maraşlı” series are bound to be drawn to the allure of “Yalı Çapkını.” The narrative orbits around Ferit, a young man whose recklessness ignites the ire of his family, particularly his venerable grandfather, Halis Ağa. The resolute decision to betroth Ferit to a suitable bride from Gaziantep is made, even though the notion of marriage is met with Ferit’s reluctance. Spearheading the task of selecting the ideal bride is İfakat, the eldest spouse of Halis Ağa.

Amidst the preparations for the ceremonial request for Suna’s hand, the chosen bride for the Korhan Family in Gaziantep, an unforeseen surprise unfurls. This twist of events casts a ripple effect, influencing not only Suna but also her sister Seyran, altering the course of their lives in unforeseen ways.