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Ceylin, who was miraculously saved from the bottomless pit she fell into during Ilgaz’s absence, but whose anger burns in her heart… Ilgaz, who tries to calm her loved one who was caught in the storm in her arms again, and moreover, learns about a sweet surprise that this great love brought them. Yargi English Subtitles

While life throws them with waves in a sea they have never known, time has given their souls completely different shapes. However, in the meantime, life has prepared new surprises for everyone. Yargi English Subtitles

Osman, who took advantage of the opportunities and introduced his family to a completely different life, Aylin, who did not even realize what kind of bomb they were sitting on. Gül and Metin, who were tested with even deeper pain while trying to repair their worn-out souls. While taking rapid steps towards adulthood, Çınar, Parla and Tuğçe stumble more than they expected. Yargi English Subtitles