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Gulperi English Subtitles

In the face of injustice, cruelty, and slander solely because she’s a woman, a mother’s unwavering love for her children remains her only beacon of hope. Even when life pushed her to the very bottom, even when the sharpest pain pierced her heart, she stood strong, for the sadness in her son’s eyes and the scent of her daughter’s hair were her reasons to endure. A mother is only a mother when her children are with her, and she’ll go to great lengths to keep them close.

Gulperi (Nurgül Yeşilçay) fought to maintain her little world of happiness with her husband Eyüp and their children Bedriye, Hasan, and Can. But her world crumbled when she lost Eyüp. Later, in a bid to protect herself from her brother-in-law Ejder, she ended up in prison. When she was finally released, she discovered that her father-in-law Yakup (Tarık Papuççuoğlu) had no intentions of returning her children to her. As she battled to regain custody, she faced her greatest pain: realizing that Yakup not only took her children but also sowed seeds of hatred against her in their hearts.

Kadir (Timuçin Esen) offered Gülperi his unwavering support in this struggle, providing her with a glimmer of hope in her lonely and helpless life. Their lives, once intertwined through a youthful love that had remained unfinished, were brought back together by this arduous battle. Gülperi’s fight to win back the hearts of her children and reclaim her role as their mother would profoundly affect both Kadir and Gülperi, leading their lives down an unexpected path.