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Menekse ile Halil English Subtitles

Menekse is the daughter of an immigrant family living in Germany. She has a deep love with Halil, for whom she works at the same patisserie, but she has to keep these feelings secret because of her family. While Menekse lives under the expectations and pressure of her family, she keeps her innocent love a secret.

Halil remains in Germany only with Menekse, whom he sees as his family. Moreover, he carries a heavy burden full of secrets, and he keeps these secrets only so as not to scare Menekse and not to lose her.

It is difficult for Menekse’s younger brother Kadir to hide his interest in Menekse, whom he knows as a fellow soldier. Unable to withstand the pressure from her family, Menekse is forced to accept Kadir’s offer in order not to risk Halil’s life. However, the wedding day will turn into a terrifying nightmare for both Halil and Menekse.