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Inadina Ask English Subtitles

“Inadina Ask” is a romantic comedy series filled with love, affection, hatred, and games. It all begins when Defne, the daughter of a family from the Black Sea region, starts working for Yalın, the handsome and flirtatious CEO of Aras Technology. The story kicks off with the mutual dislike and clashes between the completely opposite personalities of Defne and Yalın, and it gets even more complicated with the interference of Defne’s macho brother, Çınar. However, the real chaos ensues when Çınar falls in love with Yalın’s sister, Yeşim!

Produced by Sinegraf and starring Açelya Topaloğlu, Can Yaman, and Cem Belevi, “İnadına Aşk” is Turkey’s renowned director Osman Sınav’s first romantic comedy series. It’s set to become a favorite among audiences of all ages. The series also features music by Gökhan Türkmen.

Damla’s hiring leads to constant arguments between Yalın and Defne. Eventually, Defne becomes extremely frustrated and resigns once again. This time, Yeşim decides to play a bigger game and forces Deniz to join her scheme. Due to their antics, Yalın becomes insanely jealous. When Yalın is forced to go to Defne’s house due to Yeşim’s plan and sees Deniz there, he loses his mind. Shortly after, when Çınar arrives at the house and sees both Yalın and Deniz, he also goes berserk. To top it all off, when their grandmother arrives, things spiral out of control.