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Duy Beni English Subtitles

High school student Ekima, who leads a normal life in one of Istanbul’s rich neighborhoods, has her life turned upside down after a tragic car accident that occurs in front of her eyes. The only thing Ekim remembers from the accident is the mask on the driver’s face and his girlfriend Leyla, lying on the ground covered in blood. Duy Beni English Subtitles

After finding out that the car that hit Leyla is hidden in the private Gerçek High School, whose campus is very close to the neighborhood, the neighbors rebel. In a school attended by children from rich and privileged families, a car disappears from the face of the earth. Duy Beni English Subtitles

As people demand justice, the school board decides to ease tensions by awarding scholarships to three successful local students.After a while the event is forgotten. However, Ekim has no intention of letting go of the one who chained her friend to the bed. One thing is certain to her. The bully is one of the rich, spoiled kids at school.
This is not the only secret of Gerçek’s private high school: “Hell hidden like in paradise”.Behind the metal doors and high walls lies a much more dangerous truth. Duy Beni English Subtitles

Violence by a group of students threatens the lives of Ekin and two other poor children at school. As Ekim tries to lift the dark curtain and seek justice, his emotions will get in the way and his heart will shatter. The wind of youth will blow so strong and intense that nothing will be the same at Gerçek’s private high school. Duy Beni English Subtitles