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Ada Masali English Subtitles

June goes to meet her boss, Doygun, for the position in Tokyo that she has been dreaming of for a long time. However, in order to get the promotion of his dreams, he will have to help his boss with something: He must go to Swallow Island and find a loophole in the grumpy man who resists selling his land and blocks the development of the Island. When June goes to the mentioned land, she meets Poyraz. Poyraz tries to throw him out of the factory with the tourist group.

They become annoyed with each other from the very first moment. Meanwhile, June gets the information the boss needs. While he can’t wait to return to his beloved Istanbul, he meets his aunt whom he hasn’t seen for years. When they miss the ferry, they are forced to stay on the island. June, who finds herself dancing in a dance competition with Poyraz before she realizes what happened, soon learns that she was misled by her boss. Moreover, he realizes that the person he unintentionally harmed was Poyraz. Determined to fix the damage she has caused, June goes to Poyraz with an offer.