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Yurek Cikmazi English Subtitles

Cennet, who accepted her fate while she was alive, shocks everyone when she leaves a letter blaming her husband for her death. But Yılmaz experiences the biggest surprise and disappointment. What happens between a man and a woman is a private matter and revealing it is, in his opinion, the greatest betrayal. Yurek Cikmazi English Subtitles

Zeynep’s goal is to find someone who will confirm what the letter says. That’s why Birsen attacks Feride and Halil.The first person he turns to is Birsen, and after receiving the message, Yılmaz must always keep him close. Feride is already on her father’s side. Only Halil remained. However, finding him is more difficult than Zeynep expected. After a long battle, Halil appears in a place he did not expect. Yurek Cikmazi English Subtitles

Cennet, who has been subjected to her husband’s violence for years, calls Zeynep, a lawyer whose sign she sees from the window of her hospital room. He hands over a letter to be opened after death. Zeynep’s will is this letter; In reality it is a criminal complaint. After this day, the lives of Cennet’s husband Yilmaz and their children Birsen, Halil and Feride will change irrevocably. Yurek Cikmazi English Subtitles