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Kusursuz Kiraci English Subtitles

There are frequent cases of arson in different parts of Istanbul. Mona, a young internet reporter who works hard to hold on to life on her own after a childhood spent in an orphanage, is assigned to follow the fires. One day, when she returned from the news, she became homeless when her landlord, with whom she had a quarrel, threw her belongings in front of the door. Kusursuz Kiraci English Subtitles

Leyla, who works as a police officer and is the only close friend she has known since the orphanage, cannot move in with her because she is on an undercover duty and she is left helpless. He is forced to accept the offer of his colleague Yakup, who was with him at the time, to move into his own flat as a tenant. However, events do not develop as expected. An unpleasant surprise awaits him at Yuva Apartment, where he will meet strange characters. Kusursuz Kiraci English Subtitles