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Aldatmak English Subtitles

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Aldatmak (English: To Cheat) is a Turkish drama television series.

Asya, a successful doctor, is the focus of the narrative. She is married to Volkan, a loving husband and father of their two children. In any case, Asya’s reality is flipped around when she finds that Volkan is engaging in extramarital relations with Derya, a young lady from their area.

Asya is crushed by the selling out, yet she chooses to remain with Volkan for their youngsters. Notwithstanding, she starts to twisting crazy as she battles to adapt to the aggravation and outrage. She begins to doubt her marriage, her friendships, and her own self-worth, among other aspects of her life.

In the interim, Volkan is additionally battling to find a sense of peace with what he has done. He is afraid of losing Asya, but he also loves her and wants to make things right. Asya is determined to move on with her life, despite his efforts to win her back.

The series delves into the intricate feelings of betrayal, love, and vengeance. It is a tale about the power of forgiveness and the significance of finding inner strength.