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Aglama Anne English Subtitles

Alev’s life takes a complicated turn when she becomes pregnant during her university years after a brief affair with Adnan. Unfortunately, she loses contact with Adnan just as she discovers her pregnancy and desperately attempts to locate him. However, Adnan’s family intervenes and threatens her, making it nearly impossible for her to find him. Fearing her father’s reaction, Alev contemplates a drastic step, but her plan fails, leading to her imprisonment. Abandoned by her family, Alev’s sister, Damla, defies their father and takes responsibility for the baby.

Despite Damla’s efforts to reunite the baby with her biological mother, Alev is hesitant due to her past traumas. Alev remains incarcerated until her daughter, Zeynep, turns 18. Zeynep grows up believing Damla is her mother. Upon Alev’s release, she embarks on a new life and plans to regain custody of her daughter. Meanwhile, Adnan is trapped in an unhappy marriage, clinging to it for the sake of his child. By chance, he learns about his daughter’s existence from Alev and confronts his father for keeping this secret.

Adnan now faces the difficult process of divorce and the pursuit of his estranged daughter. During his quest to find his child, he and Damla unexpectedly fall in love. Amidst this complex web of relationships, Alev is determined to reclaim her daughter, while Damla and Adnan must fight for their love amidst the turmoil. The two sisters find themselves in a bitter struggle over motherhood, complicating an already intricate situation.