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Sipahi English Subtitles

Ali, who feels free to seriously endanger himself, uncovers that a gigantic trick is being arranged against Turkey in his new position. Immediately, previous knowledge official Yıldırım Bozok, who is known as a legend inside MİT, gets back to obligation. Sipahi English Subtitles

Be that as it may, with this rebound, Yıldırım’s previous will follow him. Realizing that safeguarding the country isn’t a calling however a question of respect, Ali and Yıldırım should safeguard the fate of Turkey. They should commence the shadow play played by phantoms over Türkiye. Sipahi English Subtitles

The ‘Director’ structure, upheld by the dull powers of the West, has turned into an unmistakable danger to Turkey. Ridiculous psychological militant demonstrations are occurring in Turkey that will make tumult and drive individuals into dread and frenzy. Sipahi English Subtitles

The Turkish economy is going through different tests, and the most delicate marks of the nation are exposed to digital assaults by means of Metavarse, dim web, crypto correspondence frameworks and web frameworks. This perplexing and muddled adversary; It is likewise effectively utilized by different gatherings inside the country. The Sipahis of the Public Knowledge Association understand this risk and respond rapidly.