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Kalp Atisi English Subtitles

Eylül had a troubled childhood because of her father and stepmother and was abandoned by her father at the doorstep of her grandmother living in Marmaris when she was in high school. Coming to her grandmother Gülayşe is an opportunity for her to start life from scratch. Kalp Atisi English Subtitles

He decides to improve his life after meeting his teacher Ali Asaf Denizoğlu. However, in fact, the friendships established that year, the events he experienced and the enemies he gained are very important breaking points that determine his future. With the loss of his grandmother, the new world he built with great hopes suddenly collapses. Kalp Atisi English Subtitles

This is also a harbinger of ruptures and separations. Ali Asaf, on the other hand, realized how different his student Eylül was from others and sincerely tried to win over this intelligent girl. He will realize much later that he has feelings for Eylül, whom he is trying to win over, and that he is too late to understand them. Thus, that one moment of uncertainty causes the two of them to part ways for thirteen years. Until one day, they met as two doctors on the roof of a hospital. Kalp Atisi English Subtitles