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Sifirinci Gun English Subtitles

Commissioner Kadir and his dedicated team were on a mission during the Zero Day operation, but tragically, they lost two of their teammates. This devastating failure led to Fatih Chief Commissioner taking charge of the team. In the wake of Fatih’s arrival, Kadir Amir made the difficult decision to resign. However, the bond between Kadir Amir and his team remained unbroken, and they were determined not to abandon their pursuit of the Zero Day operation.

This elite team consisted of seven special police officers from the Police Department, and they regarded their leader, Kadir, not just as a superior but as a father figure. Over the years, they had become more than colleagues; they had become a tight-knit family.

Their mission was to track down the notorious organized crime leader, Ejder. Little did they know that their lives would be forever changed by the operation they had longed for, known as “Day Zero.” Unfortunately, this operation didn’t unfold as planned. When faced with the failure, two beloved members of the team, Özgür and Mert, shouldered the blame and devised a plan to make amends.

Kadir, their unwavering leader, refused to let go of the case, and the team’s loyalty to each other drove them to reunite. Together, they embarked on a journey to rise from the ashes, seek revenge, and find solace for the pain that had gripped their hearts.