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Safir English Subtitles

The Gülsoy family, prominent in Cappadocia, reunites after Ateş returns from America. Ateş, who had defied the overwhelming authority of his grandfather Ömer and left home, returns years later at the request of his mother Gülfem. His aim is to take over and expand the family business, alongside his brothers Yaman and Okan. With their reunion, the time has come for Ateş, Yaman, and Okan to unite.

Yaman, upon his brother’s return, decides to propose to his love, Feraye. As a child, Yaman had secretly purchased the family’s heirloom Sapphire ring from his mother and intends to use it for his proposal. While Yaman and Feraye are eagerly anticipating their wedding, where they intend to express their deep love by risking everything, a tragic event disrupts the balance of their lives.

Feraye and Yaman find themselves on a perilous journey filled with love, passion, revenge, and tyranny. Ateş, in his efforts to protect his loved ones and his family, takes drastic actions that not only make new enemies but also put him at odds with his brothers.