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Kopuk English Subtitles

Season 1

Stealing from the rich to give to the poor… Is it still a folk hero tale, or has money itself become the hero for all of us, even for the poorest among us? Ferhan steals the money of corrupt officials, swindlers, and those who become rich through unjust means and extends a helping hand to the impoverished youth in his neighborhood, providing education and assistance to their families.

An unexpected death will shake his entire life. This event will not only test him with his ideals but also with his love, and he will seek ways to pass this test. When he realizes that he cannot fight against injustices like Ferhan alone, he adopts Orhan’s identity. Thus, while Ferhan struggles with the father of Müjde, the woman he loves but should keep at a distance, under the guise of lawyer Orhan, his path intersects with İpek, the heir of the family trying to take over the neighborhood.