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Cesur Ve Guzel English Subtitles

Tahsin, the head of the Korludağ family, is feared and respected by everyone due to his wealth and great influence in society. There is no place or person in town that he does not control. Tahsin has two children; His son Korhan is a great disappointment for his father, but he loves his smart and beautiful daughter Sühan very much.

Korhan’s wife tries unsuccessfully to get pregnant. He tries to kill his sister-in-law because he is afraid that Sühan will leave an heir to the family fortune before him. However, their evil plans are disrupted when a handsome stranger enters the story, saves Sühan’s life, becomes her lover and takes the place of the son Tahsin has always dreamed of.

But what no one knows is that revenge flows in this stranger’s veins, and when it does, it’s no coincidence that it shows up. Will his love for Sühan hinder his plan to take revenge on Tahsin, or is this all part of his grand plan…?