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Zemheri English Subtitles

Firuze and Ayaz. Two beautiful hearts, two children carrying the burden of a family. Destiny brought them together, fate/sacrifice separated them. Now life owes them an apology. He wants to give back the love he received. But the roads are difficult. The roads are rough. The weather is Ayaz, the times are Zemheri. Firuze’s eyes are blue and her heart is fire.

His construction worker father was wrongly found guilty of the elevator accident that killed thirteen people; It mobilizes Firuze, who has chosen her path in favor of honesty and justice. On the path he entered with the determination to save his father; She meets Ayaz, who stole her hopes and left her unfinished, even sparing her a farewell.

Ayaz, who carries the responsibility of being the man of the house on his shoulders, is face to face with Firuze, whom he sacrificed for his mother just when he was about to marry someone else, and whose blue eyes he still wakes up to every morning. He is unaware that Firuze played a big role in blaming his father.

Firuze doesn’t know that some farewells are not from lack of love, but from desperation. Ayaz doesn’t know how many times a love can be sacrificed?