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Uzak Sehrin Masali English Subtitles

The earthquake that happened in Demirkan Mansion that night moves all the stones in Umay’s life. This incident was the last straw for Umay, who had endured her husband Affan’s cruelty for years for the sake of her children. She takes her children and leaves the house. He takes shelter in the village where he was born and raised, Eskitepe, with his older sister Sonay, whom he has been resentful of for a long time. Uzak Sehrin Masali English Subtitles

The two brothers join hands and leave all resentments behind. They will start operating the family heirloom dairy farm again. Umay is just about to put her life in order when she encounters a man with a dark past full of mystery. Now the fate of both his children and himself is in the hands of this dangerous man.