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Senden Daha Guzel English Subtitles

Efsun works as a dermatologist in a village in Gaziantep and lives happily on a farm with her father. He receives news from his mother Pervin, who abandoned her 21 years ago and has not been seen since. Pervin, a famous plastic surgeon, wants to meet his daughter one last time. Efsun, who arrives in Istanbul with Kaan, the driver sent by Pervin, experiences a big surprise. Neither his mother nor the driver who gave him a lift are telling the truth.Istanbul, where he will spend a day, will irrevocably change Efsun’s entire life. Senden Daha Guzel English Subtitles

Efsun, who works as a dermatologist, lives peacefully with his father on a farm in a village in Gaziantep. His mother abandoned him and his father at a young age and moved to Istanbul, where he became one of Turkey’s leading plastic surgeons. Efsun suddenly receives a message from her mother, whom she has not seen since she was twelve. His mother is on her deathbed and he wants to meet her one last time. Senden Daha Guzel English Subtitles

He invites Efsun to Istanbul. Efsun, who travels to Istanbul to visit her mother, has a big surprise. Efsun’s mother, the owner of the largest beauty clinic in Istanbul, asks Efsun to work at the clinic and forces him to do so. As if that wasn’t enough, Emir, who he thinks is the driver, is actually the son of his mother’s partner, Kaya Bey. Emir, a charming and charismatic surgeon, believes that Efsun is coming to take over his clinic and begins fighting Efsun.In addition, two young people are neighbors on the company premises. Senden Daha Guzel English Subtitles