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Cop Adam English Subtitles

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Peri and Tamer’s life turned into a nightmare after their baby was kidnapped and Dilber was murdered. It is unclear where their baby Devrim is, who kidnapped her, and even whether she is alive. No one knows that this murderer, who entered their house, is Peri’s real mother, İpek. Dilber’s murder and Devrim’s absence deeply shook everyone in the house, including Bülent. Turkish Series Cop Adam English Subtitles.

Nothing in the house is the same anymore. Tamer’s old friend, police chief Viran (Derya Alabora) mobilized all the resources of the organization to find Devrim and solve the murder. Only Meryem knows Tamer’s secret from the past with Viran. Bülent, who wants to clear his past mistakes, finds a clue. Turkish Series Cop Adam English Subtitles.

Family problems tired Tamer, who started struggling with life at a very young age, but Tamer managed to protect the child inside him under all these difficult conditions. He was left to an orphanage by his family, and he and his sister Meryem grew up there. Tamer is now married and has a child. Turkish Series Cop Adam English Subtitles.

When the computer game he designed became a big hit, a giant American company became a partner of Tamer’s company. The first thing Tamer does is buy a mansion on the Bosphorus to reunite his family under one roof. The balance Tamer tries to establish is turned upside down the moment he meets Peri. Peri, who comes to the point of giving up her life, suddenly finds herself in Tamer’s secret world. Turkish Series Cop Adam English Subtitles.