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Altin Kafes English Subtitles

Season 1

Zeynep works as a teacher at a school owned by the Beyoğlu family, one of the country’s richest families. Since her sister Berna is studying with a scholarship given by the family, Zeynep feels indebted to them and works as a volunteer at the Beyoğlu Foundation. Altin Kafes English Subtitles

The chain of events triggered by her preventing an assassination on Onur Beyoğlu, the heir to the Beyoğlu family at a foundation organization, will bring her closer to this charismatic man and lead her to the wedding table. Onur’s marriage to Zeynep takes the Beyoğlu family by surprise since he had not shown interest in women after his wife’s death.

Onur, however, is impressed by the fact that Zeynep is different from everyone around her and her sincere behavior, but there are big secrets that Zeynep does not know about Onur and his family. Nothing is as it seems in this house, where everyone is bound to each other by the pain of the past. Zeynep and Onur will have to fight for their love in this house that turns into a golden cage. Altin Kafes English Subtitles