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Yeni Hayat English Subtitles

Everything starts with a job opportunity presented to Captain Adem, who left the Special Forces. The doors of a new life have opened for the happy nuclear family that Adem created with his wife Nevin and their little daughter Ece. All Adem has to do is to protect Yasemin, the young wife of Timur, a rich and powerful businessman. For Adem, a former maroon beret, this job is almost child’s play after all the dangerous operations he has participated in. Yeni Hayat English Subtitles

Nevin is happy that they will finally be at peace. When Adem accepts the job offer, he and his family step into a completely different world to which they are unfamiliar. Adem and Yasemin, who are people from completely different worlds and whose diametrically opposed goals conflict, initially approach each other with hatred. Yeni Hayat English Subtitles