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Yarim Kalan Asklar English Subtitles

Season 1

Ozan, a young journalist with ideals, is killed in a tragic traffic accident. However, he is not yet done with everything. He is given another chance in life. He will come back to life and discover the answers to the unanswered questions he left behind after his baffling death. However, he won’t be in his own body.

Ozan will be in Kadir’s body when he uses his chance to come back to life. In the meantime, Elif, Ozan’s girlfriend and fellow journalist, will already be looking for the people who killed Ozan. When the two lovers meet up again, they will share a stranger’s body.

Kadir. Ozan and Elif attempt to unravel the mystery of Kadir’s death in his body. He suffers from both encounters with Kadir’s past and the woman he loves in a different body. Not simply adjusting to another body, adjusting to an entirely different life won’t come simple for Ozan.