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Aziz stands as the sole overseer of the expansive holding company that his parents meticulously built into a corporate giant. Within the confines of his own world, he plays the role of a deity, orchestrating events to his liking. However, the moment he falls in love with Feride, his life takes a profound turn, ushering in a period of introspection and self-examination. But for someone entrenched in Aziz’s lofty position, the price of love may demand more than he’s willing to give up.

Feride, on the other hand, leads a modest existence alongside her father, stepmother, and siblings. Faik diligently manages the tailor shop he established with Süheyla, yet struggles to keep up with Hasibe’s incessant demands and the mounting expenses tied to their children. In her pursuit to contribute financially to her family, Feride secures employment at a local boutique. Thus, father and daughter find themselves locked in a relentless struggle to make both ends meet.

However, one fateful night, Feride inadvertently witnesses a murder committed by Aziz, a crime he promptly conceals. She firmly resolves to report the incident to the authorities. Yet, as she prepares to approach the police, shocking revelations emerge—her own brother, Fırat, is implicated in the crime. Aziz, with his immense power and resources, appears formidable enough to effortlessly quash this lone girl’s solitary battle. Feride finds herself at an agonizing crossroads, torn between her convictions and the daunting uncertainties that lie ahead.