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Azize finds herself entangled in a relentless struggle, not only with the challenges posed by her three children but also with her formidable mother-in-law. She valiantly shoulders the responsibility of raising her children amidst the absence of her beloved husband, a man she cherishes more than life itself. These are tumultuous war years, a period marked by countless difficulties. Turkish Series Vatanim Sensin English Subtitles.

As 1919 dawns, Yıldız emerges as a strikingly beautiful and ambitious young woman, while Hilal transforms into a resolute and patriotic young girl deeply devoted to her country. Ali Kemal, on the other hand, grapples with his inner turmoil, haunted by the pain of unrequited love and a somber secret that gnaws at his heart. In the midst of everyone’s trials and tribulations, Azize’s world is further shaken by the distressing news that Izmir is on the brink of Greek occupation. However, this invasion will unveil an unexpected reunion with someone they had lost years ago, albeit in a manner no one could have foreseen. Turkish Series Vatanim Sensin English Subtitles

The spring of 1919 arrives, bringing with it a nation weary from consecutive defeats in wars and bracing itself for its ultimate and most formidable trial yet. It is during this period that Azize and Cevdet’s paths intersect once more. Their lives are upended by this unexpected reunion, unfolding in the shadow of both visible and concealed adversaries. Together, they will navigate a journey marked by triumphs and defeats, separations and reunions, moments of hope and crisis. In the process, they will come to understand the true meaning of love, loyalty, and betrayal. Turkish Series Vatanim Sensin English Subtitles.

The saga of Cevdet and Azize unfolds against the backdrop of a nascent nation, emerging from the ashes of war. “You Are My Homeland” is the chronicle of individuals trapped between their duties and their consciences within the harsh crucible of war. It tells the story of a family that strives to remain united despite the odds, and of a relentless odyssey from captivity to freedom. Turkish Series Vatanim Sensin English Subtitles.