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Tozluyaka English Subtitles

The happy life of Ali and his friends changes day by day. Nothing awaits them except a long night full of secrets and doubts. When they believe that justice will not be served to them, a miracle occurs. Tozluyaka English Subtitles

And the miracle was presented to them from the source of doubt. Nothing is really as it seems.Without fear, they start a new life to find out the truth. If courage is added to strength, all that remains is to open the doors of this mysterious night one by one. Finding the keys won’t be easy. Tozluyaka English Subtitles

Even fortune did not come to Tozluyaka without loss, but fell on those who chose each other as brothers.. This time a journey of hope began… It enabled them to touch every path they crossed, every person whose name they spoke, those who hungered for cruelty, injustice and love… It was everyone’s story. They were just lucky among us. Tozluyaka English Subtitles