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Siyah Inci English Subtitles

Kenan and Hazal are two young people in love living in a small coastal town. Their lives are simple, humble and their little loves are very big. The only thing the two young people want from this life is to break the stubbornness of Hazal’s father, Midyeci Halil, and finally get married. Halil’s stubbornness is unbreakable.

In her eyes, Kenan is a naughty, ordinary, miserable fisherman and he will make his daughter miserable. Kenan dived headlong, pulled out the legendary black pearl that was said to be impossible to find, and adorned his love, which he saw as his own miracle, with another miracle.
Halil’s stubbornness and attitude will not be enough to keep them apart. Moreover, Hazal’s mother Melek, who knows the language of love as well as they do, is behind them.

Kenan, who was aware of what Vural did to Hazal, became the target of the bullet when he rushed in front of him to protect Aziz. Kenan, who came to save Aziz Toprak’s life, returned from the dead, but at the same moment, Hazal turned into a living dead…

For Hazal, the trap set by Vural with the help of Ebru and what they went through are no different than death… Hazal finds the solution to end her life, which has lost its meaning. He has no choice but to die, his dreams are shattered, his promise of love to the man he loves is left unfinished. But there is a fact that Hazal does not know. The trap Vural set for him is bigger than he thought.

Hazal, who came to the point of giving up her life under the burden of the trauma she experienced, now has the burden of saving the honor and life of the man she loves…

Leaving Kenan while looking into his eyes is worse than death, but Hazal is helpless.