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Sevgili Gecmis English Subtitles

Three sisters, who grew up unaware of each other, one day receive a mysterious letter and meet at the wedding of one of them. But on the wedding night, they will find themselves in a situation they never expected.

Three brothers, one a musician, the other a doctor, and the other the owner of vast vineyards, cannot leave the beautiful Aegean town of Güneşli Bahçe after that night and are forced to live together. This state of obligation that occurs in a crisis situation, over time, gives way to the adventure of discovering brotherhood, friendship and solidarity.

They did not share the same childhood memories, they did not grow up together, they have very different lives, but now they have to experience the same fate. On the one hand, they struggle with the obstacles they encounter, and on the other hand, they learn what love means. Their first step in their journey towards their past is to find their mother, Cahide. But every time they open the door to the past, they come face to face with a new and shocking reality. The real big secret is right next to them and the truth is much different than what they see.