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Sen Cal Kapimi English Subtitles

Eda, whose aspirations are tightly woven around her education, finds herself face to face with Serkan Bolat, the individual who severs her lifeline—an international scholarship poised to shape her future—leaving her with nothing but a high school diploma. In a surprising turn of events, Serkan Bolat extends an unexpected proposition to Eda: the restoration of her scholarship contingent upon her role-playing as his betrothed for a span of two months.

While Eda’s initial reaction is to vehemently decline this man’s offer, driven by a profound distaste for him, circumstances shift, compelling her to reconsider. The pendulum of necessity ultimately swings her towards acceptance. Thus, ensues a ruse, a fabrication of engagement, blurring the boundaries between Serkan and Eda’s personas.

Caught in the intricate dance of feigned affection, Serkan and Eda find themselves navigating a fervent and strenuous relationship—a journey that challenges and unravels their preconceptions. This ardent charade, built upon layers of deception, pushes them to question the entirety of their accumulated knowledge. The very essence of love lies at the heart of their experience—an emotion paradoxically intricate in its complexity and breathtaking in its simplicity.