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Sana Soz English Subtitles

Elif Karaca is the creator of the program “Don’t Stay Silent with Elif Karaca”, which Turkey follows with curiosity. Elif has dedicated her life to fighting the injustices and evils she has witnessed since her childhood. Homicide Bureau commissioner Ömer, just like Elif, has struggled with evildoers, murderers and criminals throughout his life. Ayşe Erten, who is thought to have been thrown from the terrace of a hotel, has been in a coma for a while. Sana Soz English Subtitles

Elif Karaca, who covers the incident in her program, strives to arrest Bora Demircioğlu, who is the source of suspicion. He finally achieves success. But rich businessman Rıza will make a move to save his son that will throw Elif’s private life into chaos. The disappearance of Nurhayat, who is close in age to Ayşe, is brought to the program by Elif. While the Homicide Bureau team, led by Ömer, was investigating the incident; Elif’s team works to save Nurhayat, just like Ömer. Sana Soz English Subtitles

This event that brings Elif and Ömer together reveals that the duo, who are actually people from different worlds, are fighting for the same goal. While Elif and Ömer try to reach the missing Nurhayat, they will also solve a family mystery that is actually left behind secrets. Sana Soz English Subtitles