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A tale about tough decisions, difficult choices, laced lives and guardians conflicted between their youngsters and their hearts. Gulseren comes from an unfortunate foundation, while Cihans spouse Dilara is well off. The two of them conceived an offspring in similar clinic around the same time quite a while back yet a slip-up was made that would change their fates. The babies were mixed up by a forgetful nurse with similar surnames, and nobody noticed.

As reality with regards to the kids is uncovered, basic issues emerge between the two families due to their entirely unexpected ways of life and monetary situations with. Anyway these occasions bring Cihan and Gulseren closer together. They have mystifying sentiments towards one another that they can’t take off from or disregard.

Yıldız Tunç, the writer of legendary TV series such as “Aliye”, “A Thousand and One Nights”, “Love and Punishment”, wrote the script of “Paramparca”, starring Nurgül Yeşilçay and Erkan Petekkaya, the most anticipated actors of the year.
Directed by Cevdet Mercan, who has produced TV series such as “Asi” and “Lost City”, the executive producer of “Paramparça” is Özlem Yurtsever, who has been the executive producer of TV series such as Halil ile Menekşe and Yaprak Dökümü.

Nurgül Yeşilçay and Erkan Petekkaya, who shared the leading roles in a series for the first time with “Paramparça”, were awarded the Best Supporting Actress in Antalya Golden Orange this year, as well as successful actors such as Ebru Özkan, Cemal Hünal, Cihan Canova, Tolga Tekin, Güneş Emir. He is accompanied by Nursel Köse, who received the award.