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O Kiz English Subtitles

Zeynep, like thousands of young girls, becomes a social media phenomenon and dreams of escaping from the poor life she lives. But while she strives for this, she also acts as a “mother” to her father. Because the 45-year-old big man has the emotions and intelligence of a 5-year-old child. Kadir is a complete childish man with his toy car in his hand, his childish jokes, and his quarreling and reconciliation. Kadir was born as “Sınav”, not only to his parents but also to his children. That’s what her grandfather told Zeynep. O Kiz English Subtitles

Zeynep’s dreams are big and she wants to get rid of the shelter she lives in at her aunt’s house, the floor bed in the safe room where she cannot fit in with her cousins, her uncle who oppresses her aunt by making excuses for them, her aunt’s angry fatigue, impossibility and lack of money. O Kiz English Subtitles

Ozan, a socialite phenomenon who lives the life he wants to live, goes to his house every week as a cleaner. One day, Zeynep meets businesswoman Sitare at that house. Sitare, on the other hand, is a complete boss, the owner of the management agency that directs dozens of social media phenomena. And Ozan’s secret lover. O Kiz English Subtitles