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Mahkum English Subtitles

Fırat Bulut, an honorable Public Prosecutor; He takes over the case of femicide committed by Barış Yesari, the son of the Yesari family, one of the most powerful families in Turkey. Trying to cover up the murder he committed with the power he received from his family, Barış comes face to face with a prosecutor like he has never seen before, Fırat. The Euphrates danger grows bigger and bigger, and Barış is cornered. Mahkum English Subtitles

Fırat’s life, who never lets go of the file no matter what, turns into a nightmare overnight. He wakes up in prison on the morning of the night he celebrated his birthday with his wife Zeynep and daughter Nazlı. He is being tried as the murder suspect of Zeynep and her daughter Nazlı. But Fırat doesn’t remember anything back. Mahkum English Subtitles