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Leke English Subtitles

Yasemin’s journey began in Germany, and she has experienced the highs and lows that life has to offer. Despite the challenges, she is determined to pursue her education in law while also juggling work responsibilities. Her primary goal in life is to gain custody of her hearing-impaired brother, Murat, who has been growing up in an orphanage due to their different fathers. Yasemin is also diligently saving money for her brother’s much-needed operation.

Cem, on the other hand, is the elder child of a wealthy family. He witnessed a traumatic incident in his childhood that led to the separation of his parents, Belkis and his father. Despite the emotional scars, he has grown up to be a successful and intelligent businessman. However, his past experiences have left him emotionally distant and wary of forming close relationships, particularly with women.

The paths of Yasemin and Cem intersect due to an event that takes place during the organization of Cem’s company. Both carry the weight of broken hearts and wounded souls, and an unexpected pure love begins to blossom between them. However, this love must contend with the shadows of dark secrets, personal ambitions, and intrigues that surround them. The question that looms over their relationship is whether love can conquer pride and the challenges that stand in its way.