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Kimse Bilmez English Subtitles

That day, Sevda was chosen as the face of a brand and came closer to her dreams of becoming a star. While he thinks everything will go well, he is shaken by unexpected news. She learns that her brother has fallen into the hands of a ruthless mafia named Pilot and that he will be killed if he does not find money. In order to save her brother, Sevda asks for money from Uygar Sarıkaya, who is obsessively in love with her.

However, she encounters an offer she never expected. Unable to find any other solution, Sevda runs away with the money to save her brother, but eventually gets stuck. She cannot find anywhere to go and Sevda’s escape ends at Ali Hüroğlu’s house.

Ali, who became famous as “Ali Hodja” for his good deeds, has the sole purpose of finding his missing brother. While Ali and Sevda are getting closer, Uygar has no intention of giving up on Sevda.

Because of Uygar’s plans, Ali’s encounter with his missing brother is not what he imagined. On the other hand, Sevda’s interest in Ali opens the doors to a terrible secret. This secret makes Sevda impossible for Ali.