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Iyilik English Subtitles

While Neslihan continues her wonderful life with her husband and children, one day she falls ill at the gym. A young girl he doesn’t know saves him. They become friends with this girl, whom they later learn is named Damla. Realizing that the girl is with a married man and the desperation in what she tells, he decides not to leave her alone about this relationship. Without knowing that the man is her own husband.

From the outside, Neslihan has a magnificent and enviable life. While Neslihan believed in this illusion and thought she was living a perfect life, she learned that the person she trusted most in life, her husband, had been cheating on her for a long time. Moreover, with a girl whom he thinks of as his sister. All the stones she steps on move, and Neslihan is forced to re-question and re-interpret right and wrong, good and bad. So that he can stand up again and fight for himself, for his family, for his children.