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Icerde English Subtitles

Celal learned that the Yılmaz Brothers found each other. Celal, who is furious with this fact, is determined to take his revenge on Sarp and Mert, who played tricks on him. This time, Celal does not leave his job to chance and patiently draws the Yilmaz Brothers into his trap, step by step, in order not to let them escape from his grasp.

Meanwhile, all eyes turn to Eylem, who does not yet know the big truth. While the moment when Eylem will learn that Mert is actually Umut is awaited with excitement, Sarp discovers a way to prove that he did not kill Yusuf Principal. Meanwhile, Yeşim, who escaped from the farmhouse, unexpectedly asks for help from a surprise person.

Even though Sarp has arrested Celal, it will not be that easy to put him in prison. Witnessing everything that happened, Davut uses his last chance to put the big plan into action. Unaware of everything, the Yılmaz Family is finally together.
While Füsun is experiencing the joy of being reunited with her sons Sarp and Umut, Umut immediately begins preparations to propose to Eylem. However, this happy moment is interrupted by Celal, who returns for revenge.

Celal prepares for the end by returning to the point where the story began. One of the Yılmaz Brothers is in his possession again. A relentless race against time begins for Sarp, who takes action to save Umut. There will be a final showdown between Celal and Yılmaz Brothers.